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Custom Software Development


Custom software development with a nice GUI (Graphic User Interface) is our specialty. We can create graphical interfaces that will help expedite your every day processes. Examples include:

  • Automation Software
    Automating the creation of invoices in Quickbooks with data from an existing software program you are currently using.

  • Document Control
    Perhaps you need to scan in hundreds of drawings or documents each day. We can develop a GUI front-end to your scanning software that will pre-set file locations, file names, scanned rotation, size, compression, you get the idea. The opportunities are endless in what we can do together!

  • Asset Management Software
    Maintain all your asset information, along with reporting and graphing.

  • Invoicing/Billing Software

  • Inventory Control

  • Contact Management

Scripts / Automation

Need a backup to run every night at two in the morning? Perhaps you want to purge the system log files every week? Well regardless of what you need, we can accomplish it with a utility script that can automate some of these tedious tasks.

Data Processing
This is the most common role for software development. Most software tools take an input (data from a source like a text file, spreadsheet, XML, Microsoft Access, or SQL Server Database), perform some sort of operation, validate the correctness of the data, and provide the user with a useful output. This could include database applications or applications that deal with straight text files.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to receive further information. We hope to start planning your development solutions today!